Friday, May 8, 2015

On Being the Royal Princess's Namesake: An Open Letter to William and Kate

In the media storm that has been my life since the birth of the royal princess, I have not been able to properly and publicly share my deep gratitude toward the royal family for choosing me as the princess's namesake. I hope this letter conveys all that I feel.

Dear Wills and Kate, 

My most heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your first daughter. She is a gift to both the two of you and the world, as we are all sure she will fulfill her responsibilities to her title with the dignity and grace of her mother and late grandmother. 

I was as surprised as the rest of the waiting world when you announced her name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. I must say I am honored and a bit taken aback. 

Kate, you and I have shared everything through the years. I've always known you cared a great deal about our friendship by the way you emulate my fashion sense. But to name your daughter after me alongside both the names of my mother and the late princess? Well, its just too much. 

I haven't yet spoken to Pippa. I would imagine this came as quite a surprise to her as well. I'm sure if she is at all hurt by your homage to me, she will understand in time and we will move on the way sisters do. 

Please be assured that I will make every effort to be an exemplary model for our little darling. She is (as well as you, Wills, and sweet George) a very important part of my life. Hope to summer with you soon! 

All the Best and God's Blessings,
Charlotte the First


  1. You crack me up! Well played, Charlotte the First!

  2. I'm sure Will and Kate are delighted to have your official statement.

  3. I'm sure Will and Kate are delighted to receive your official statement.


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