Thursday, April 18, 2013

The "D" Word... Getting ready for labor

So labor appears to be approaching at a more rapid pace than I expected it to and well, it's not what I expected. 

I'm putting it out there because it will be interesting to see what actually transpires. James may enjoy being holed up in the womb until Cinco de Mayo for all I know... we shall see.

I am kind of modest and even though I share parts of my life on a blog for all the world to see, I don't share everything. So in the interest of full disclosure, I get all squirmy and weird feeling when I use the word "dilation." I don't know what is appropriate but I only feel comfortable talking about it with a very small handful of people. 

That being said, it feels weird for me to even bring it up on the blog. BUT because I have been told I am going through a semi-unusual experience for a first time mom, I will hesitantly share with you that the doctor says that I am doing the "d" word and as of yesterday was "more than three but less than five." And that's all I will say about that. 

Gah. Glad that's over. 

You wont see me Tweeting these sorts of updates all through labor but I did want to ask, what has your experience been? 

I keep getting pats on the back about it and I'm all, Thanks?

But on the inside I'm all, What does it mean?!

James is not due for another 10 days and my Dr. keeps smiling slyly and telling me I'm very "favorable" for labor. 

Well, I certainly hope so. The baby must come out. 

Does she mean he is coming soon? Does it mean an easy breezy delivery is in my future? Is there such a thing? 

And it's 2013 for crying out loud, why can't they predict these things already? 

Do they not know I have family traveling from high and low to dote on this child? 

And my floors can only stay swept for so long... 

So if there is anyone out there who has the spiritual gift of telling me when my baby will be born, please please please let me know. 

I asked James and he didn't say a word. I guess that will be the first thing we work on... speak when you are spoken to, son. 


  1. Well, honey, I hope your bags are packed and ready to go. Not that I've had a baby, but I don't think too many ladies walk around that dilated for long without having a baby coming out. =) And I'm sooo excited for you! James is just about ready to make his appearance and vocal cords known1 =)

  2. Wow Charlotte! Hope it's okay that I've been following your journey these last few months ever since we bonded over similarly named children and you knowing our family in New Orleans. This is exactly what happened to me with our James - it must be the name or something. He did somehow manage to hold out for a few more weeks (much to my surprise and our doctor's) but you are definitely smart to be on standby. Praying for a safe and wonderful delivery for you ... whenever he arrives. I know your sweet baby James will steal your heart just like ours did three years ago now!

  3. I also thought that I'd add, while many labor wasn't sitcom quick by any means I definitely think you have a great headstart and certainly a better possibility for a shorter labor process. (This is all non-medical advice, of course!) It was nice to already feel almost half way there before ever going to the hosipital. I was also able to get an epidural fairly quickly into the process because I was already so far along (if that's something that you are wanting). It's definitely good news. I wish I could predict when but it looks like your body is doing what it's supposed to do already which is great!

  4. What Joy said. Get your bags packed. Your allowed to get the epidural at 4 cm meaning your basically in labor. I can't believe your walking around! I hope it means your labor is easy. I was induced so I have no idea what it is actually like. Good luck!

  5. ahhh i don't know if you've had the baby yet - but AHH!!! so excited for you!


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