Wednesday, January 28, 2015

That time I did some stuff with Rock N Roll Marathon New Orleans

Hey Party People!

I was sitting here during nap time and had a wild hair to write a blog post. Its clear to me that I can consistently blog only once a year. I could go into a long list of excuses about my absence but you only enjoy reading the same old thing so many times, amiright? And this is America so let's  skip it!

*Everyone sighs with relief*

I had the opportunity to go to my first ever blogger meet up last Saturday. Technically it was a "tweet up" but that sounds so silly that I feel funny even thinking it. It turned out to be one of the weirdest days of my life. Mainly because I hardly consider myself a "blogger" anymore (if I ever was one to begin with) and also because it was a meet up of bloggers who are also runners, namely Rock N Roll Marathon bloggers and I have nary a marathon to speak of. Nor half marathon. You may be wondering why on earth I was there? Me too.

But seriously, I went on a whim with my good friend Leah who is both a blogger and RNR 1/2 Marathoner and who also happened to be volunteering at the race. Since I am none of those things, I just played along and met some really cool people, had some free beignets and coffee (thanks RNR Marathon!) and wound up mingling with the likes of Saint's Kicker Thomas Morstead at a charity event. See, an ordinary day in the life of a stay home mom can get pretty exciting.

I got home that afternoon thinking, "what did I even just do?," and "I hope all of these neat people don't find out that I'm not really a blogger or runner (and still use the word neat)," and also, "wow, my picture is on a lot of the RNR New Orleans social media, was that my 15 minutes?" and lastly, "is there any way I can get sued for any of this?"

*Prone to anxiety and worst-case-scenarios.* 

But not really because I confessed to at least three important people that I didn't really belong there. And wouldn't you know that those funky-rock-n-rolling athletes didn't mind one bit. They were just happy to be having a fun time in New Orleans. Even if it was with an outsider like me! Or maybe it was because they were focused on Thomas Morstead?

Either way I had a ball. And who knows, if the saying "fake it til you make it" is true, I could be running a marathon soon!

Thanks for inviting me LEAH!



  1. I think you're the real thing, Charlotte Donaldson! Thanks for throwing yourself out there ... in person AND on-line!

  2. Wait Ms Thing, your just as real as the rest of us. I should know I sat right next to you and we cheered our coffees ( that did happen, right? Hmmmm ;) just kidding! But who cares that you haven't ran 26.2 miles, trust me those people are CRAZY!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at CCC10K and than maybe St Pattys Day race. Keep blogging!


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