Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 Apartment Details to Love

     I was SO nervous before we moved that I would have a hard time really feeling “at home” in our campus apartment. Feeling at home is a very big deal to me. I find it extremely comforting to be in a home that is not only pretty but also cozy, lived in and comfortable. I need my home to be a safe haven, a security blanket of sorts especially in a new and unfamiliar, if not otherworldly city. I decided ahead of time that I would be very intentional about making the apartment homey no matter what its bare bones looked like. There are not many places that pretty linens and good art can’t fix.
     You can imagine how pleased I was when I opened our front door to find our apartment possessed an immense amount of charm all its own. Walking into a room that smelled of fresh paint and had sunlight streaming in onto beautifully polished old hardwood was like getting kisses from God. Our little campus apartment is certainly not perfect. I wish the counter tops weren't permanently stained with Lord-knows-what and that I could find that enormous roach that got away, but I think you and I both can find some joy in noticing the beauty in the details, don't you? So here are my favorite details in our New Orleans apartment that have nothing to do with my stuff and everything to do with a home that was prepared for us long before we got here.   
 Nine windows pour sunlight into six rooms.
Original wood. 
 Odd free space turned bookcase.
Big basin sink, coffee mug for perspective.
View of the chapel steeple and park from the kitchen.
Cooking on gas. 
Elephant trunk (my term) bathroom faucet. 
Red for hot and blue for cold. 
Honeycomb tile. 
 Four closets. Need I say more?
     I'm curious, what details do you love in your home that others may not notice?


  1. I love this post! We lived in Seminary housing for our 1st two years at Southern, and, although things there were far from perfect... I also tried to look for little details that I loved. It's so important to make your space feel like home. Satan attacks hard in Seminary, and your home is your refuge for you and your hubby! Strange as it sounds- sometimes I miss our little seminary apartment (rotted out wood floorboard in the corner and all!) ;)

  2. Looks like a nice place. I especially like the view out the kitchen window. I'm praying for you and Andrew.

  3. Love it! And I am sure you've made it "home"!! I had hardwoods in my seminary duplex and big windows, too ... it brought back some sweet memories! So excited for you guys and you new adventures in the Big Easy! :-) Plus, I cannot wait to see the cajun recipes you snag while you're there!


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