Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Workin Hard for the Money

     Hello World, long time no see. I had the idea that I would be a blogging machine once we moved but to be honest, I just haven't felt like it. And that's OK. The day blogging starts to feel like a chore is the day I am out! Chores are one thing I do not like.

     However, I have great news to share and decided now would be a good time for a quick post. I GOT A JOB! Yeahh! It is not a fancy shmancy social work job but it is a job in the Psychology and Counseling department here at the seminary. I had the interview last Friday and started.... Monday. Yea. That was fast. 

     I am basically a secretary; a totally unfamiliar field for me. I think God has been teaching me some humility through it already. Don't get me wrong, secretaries are vital to practically every institution but I didn't exactly go to school for 6 years to be one. I am grateful nonetheless and am trying to focus on taking this job as seriously as I took my previous job even though it is not a "career" move, whatever that means. 

     On another note, one of my all time favorite home bloggers, The Inspired Room, is going to be hosting a Fall Nesting series so get ready for some Fall related posts come September! 

     I'm also going to be posting a great pimento cheese recipe that I have been hoarding for a week and a State of the Apartment tour, so hang in there while I get back into my blogging groove! 


Linking up today with YOLO Monday.... a day late. 
Par for the course!



  1. no worries on being a day late - i call it being a day AWESOME. or something? CONGRATS ON THE JOB! WAHHOO!!!!!!!!!!! so excited for y'all!!!!

  2. Congrats on the job! Can't wait to hear about it!!!


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