Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Most Embarrassing Moment

When I saw that Momfessionals was doing a link up today about most embarrassing moments I knew I had to write a blog post. First, because there is no shortage of material for me to write about but mostly because my MOST embarrassing moment also happens to be one of my best memories. 

It was Spring of 2004 and I was crushing hard on this really cute red head named Andrew Donaldson. As luck would have it (and we all know I'm a lucky dog) I had won 4 tickets to a nearby amusement park because I was the 9th caller to our local radio station and correctly named who performed at the Superbowl halftime show. 

I chose to invite my best friend, her boyfriend, and... dun dun dunnnnnnn ANDREW DONALDSON. 

He said yes and I'm pretty sure I celebrated by buying a new swimsuit, spending some time in the tanning bed, and picking up some Golden Corral rolls with my bestie. This pretty much sums up 2004 for me. 

The day of fun at the amusement park came and it was so crowded that we had to park a half a mile away on the side of the road. We rode all the rides and did all the things and when it was time to go Andrew and I decided to walk to get the car and just pick our friends up at the gate. I was pretty sure this was a ploy to spend some alone time with me so I mustered up all the cutest, sweetest, wittiest, coolest things I could think of to impress Andrew. 

Being the ever chivalrous man that he is, Andrew insisted I walk on the inside so I didn't get hit by a car. So I did. However, I did not take into account the fact that it had rained earlier and it being South Georgia and all, the ground was mud. I'm sure I had on some kind of platform flip-flops with zero traction that did not help the situation. 

We were walking along and I was so focused on impressing this boy that I was not looking where I was stepping. As you probably have already guessed, I slipped. However, since I was walking on the inside I didn't just slip and fall down. I slipped and fell down into mud which slid my tan little fanny down 
down into the bottom of the ditch. On the side of the road. Do you guys have a visual?

Andrew described it like this, "It was like you were there one minute and then disappeared the next." He said he just looked around for a while before he realized where I was. I'm sure since he was preparing for ministry and all he might have had a moment of terror at the thought that I had been raptured and he missed it.

I just sat there in the ditch unable to organize my thoughts because it was so dark and I wasn't really sure where I was either. Hello God? Is that you? Fortunately, the Lord allowed me to see another day on earth. I made it out of the ditch. And somehow Andrew Donaldson didn't write me off then and there. 

It still lives on as one of the funniest things that's ever happened to me and even though I was mortified, I'm glad for the memory!

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  1. Aww, at least now it makes for a great story!!
    I'm sure he was thankful you weren't raptured :) :)


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