Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 In Review

What a year! I don't think I have ever had a year I remember more vividly than 2012. Usually when I reflect on my previous year it seems like a long drawn out blur. I think it's because I am not typically one of those people who keeps up with things, but 2012 was different. I feel like every single month was distinct and the whole thing flew by in about 5 minutes. It's probably been the best year of my life. Not the easiest, but the best. Isn't it funny how sometimes the best is not the easiest or not even what you would have wanted had you been asked?

In January 2012 I would have predicted that my year might involve continuing to work at my job in mental health, Andrew continuing seminary at the nearest NOBTS extension center and working, maybe a new ministry job and possibly buying our first home and finally putting down some roots. 

January 2013 finds us in new jobs in a new city with a new member of the family on his way. 

It has been wild and unexpected in every way but I wouldn't change a thing!

Here are some of the highlights: 

Ringing in 2012 with Katie and Kyle and really hitting the YMCA hard to reach my fitness goals. I've never told  you this on the blog but I lost 56lbs between 2010-2012. 

Getting more active in helping with the FBC Valdosta youth group. Helping teach Sunday school to middle school girls and attending LOTS of fun festivities for my BFF Katie's engagement!

Best bachelorette weekend ever to Mexico Beach. Disney World world with the Donaldson clan and Katie's gorgeous wedding. Talks about buying the cute little green house AND the first discussion of moving to New Orleans...

Whirlwind of trips to Port St. Lucie, FL for Easter, and an amazing 4 day weekend in New Orleans. God confirmed the plans; goodbye Valdosta, hello NOLA!

Started the blog. Started packing up the little Valdosta house and preparing for our new adventure in the even smaller New Orleans dwelling. Gave my notice at my job. And joined a running club so I would be able to exercise in NOLA without my beloved YMCA!

Surprise birthday party, turned 25, family vacation to Panama City Beach, colonoscopy (it's not all fun and games), weekend trip to visit friends, more packing.

Family BBQ at my dad's, squeezing in LOTS of friend and family time, packing like crazy, yard sale, saying good bye to our jobs and finally moving to New Orleans!

Setting up the new apartment. Getting my new job in the Psychology and Counseling Department on campus, meeting new friends, and... finding out we are having a baby! 

*Congratulations on making it three weeks in New Orleans! First prize is a baby!*

Oh yea, getting evacuated for hurricane Isaac and having new twin nephews!

Completely failed at Andrew's birthday due to morning sickness. So far I owe him cakes for the past 2 years. Went to visit my dad in Tifton. And I pretty much threw up a lot. But the teeny tiny baby did well!

Continued to battle the morning sickness. Basically fell out of life altogether. Had a really hard time processing all the changes in my body and surroundings. Kind of hated New Orleans. Went and saw The Birds in the sculpture garden at the art museum. Decorated a little to feel more like home.

Finally started to feel a little better. Had a fun weekend with my sister in law in New Orleans as well as my friend Autumn. Did the color run with Leah and Stasia. Great Thanksgiving with the Donaldson's. Started coming back around to New Orleans.

Felt nearly 100% better. Found out we are having a BOY, Baby James! Finally got back in the kitchen and did things I love like having people over and decorating. Celebrated our 3 year anniversary and didn't take a single picture. Spent an amazing 12 day Christmas with all of our families in Bainbridge, Tifton, and Auburn. Got lots of fun baby things!!


And the crazy part is that 2013 is going to top it. Is that even possible?! 



  1. wanna make God laugh? Tell Him your plans! I'm so thrilled about who you are and the awesome things God is doing and will do with and through you and Andrew...buckle up and enjoy... you have our prayers!

  2. LOVE this little recap of your year! such an amazing year and i just know that God is going to BLOW YOU AWAY in 2013!

  3. Great post Charlotte! Felt like I got to know you a little better:) we're going to be friends for sure!!!!


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