Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And then there was Friday

The past few days or so some of the first trimester ickiness has crept back into my life. Remember the other day when I was going on and on about healthy eating and exercising more and how I felt so great and awesome and yada yada.... Yeah.

So last Friday I came down with a case of the crazies and it has not relented. I literally woke up sad and paranoid for no reason.  

It really was weird because over the past several weeks I have had moments where I thought the world was so full of sunshine and happiness that I might burst. Then BAM, Friday hit. 

I should have been suspicious about the sunshine and happiness thing in the first place because that is kind of not like me either. But darn if it doesn't feel good. 

So since Friday, I have unwillingly taken on the weight of the world. I have cried over things that merit tears but have nothing to do with my life and things that do not merit tears and have everything to do with my life. 

The two police officers shot in New Orleans, tears.

The rip in the sheets we got for our wedding, tears.

And the list goes on. 

Maybe it's letting up because I don't think I have cried in about 24 hours but I could be wrong. Being up since 2:00AM isn't helping my thought processes.

Did I mention I'm not sleeping well? That's an issue for another blog post. Or no blog post at all since it mostly has to do with me and my bathroom.

I know this will all go away soon which is why I can laugh about it. Just pray for my dear husband. God love him.

And just so you have living proof that hormones are real and unstable, here is an Instagram I posted last week before Friday.

Yea, that's a picture of the sunshine with a caption that read, "So good to feel hot and sweaty during a workout again! #bringonspring" 


If you want to follow the craziness, I'm chardonaldson. It's bound to be a good time.


  1. Oh no! Here's hoping you get another over-the-moon-happy day soon!

  2. oh noes!! i will definitely be praying for you, charlotte!!


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