Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can we talk about King Cake?

Of course we can... this is my blog. 


If you don't know what King Cake is, let me start by telling you it is the most delicious thing you can imagine.

More delicious than the delicious thing you imagined when I said that. 

Its like a cinnamon roll and a coffee cake and a donut got married and had a baby with icing on top. And yes, that is entirely possible both biologically and legally when it comes to food. 

I had no less than 8 pieces last week. The first 5 came from two different King Cakes that were bestowed upon me and the last 3 were from the one I finally purchased for myself. 

And that last one, it was the best. It didn't even come from a high falutin, old New Orleans bakery. It came from a donut shop in "da hood" where I currently reside. I'm pretty sure it was deep fried. 

And I'm OK with that. 

And so was my family with whom I reluctantly shared it.

And that is why I don't have a picture to show you. 

But here's one from the internet in case you wanted an example.

And here is what Wikipedia has to say about King Cake in case you are clueless about why I rambled out an entire post on the subject. 

I encourage you to enlighten yourself beyond the Wikipedia offerings and get a piece into your mouth as soon as possible. 

Although that could be difficult for you if you don't live in or near New Orleans, in which case you will have to live vicariously through me. 

Don't fret. I'll eat enough for the both of us.


  1. Hey Charlotte! Stephen and I were talking about what we wouldn't give to get our hands on some king cake! Please do enjoy some for us all. Hope you are continuing to feel well these last weeks before J arrives! Kassi Johnson

  2. Because God must really, really love me, a king cake fortuitously ended up in the kitchen at work yesterday. (Which is weird, since I live in Dallas.) I tried some and almost died of happiness. Your description is SO right on, too. Heaven! :)


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