Thursday, June 7, 2012

Roller Coaster Ride

Just wanted to do a short little post. Things are rolling along quickly and slowly at the same time. I know I translate my excitement about moving to New Orleans very clearly on the blog but it has not been all sunshine and furniture redo’s the past couple weeks.
I am just as excited, at peace, and ready as ever but I have been extremely emotional, irritable, and overly sentimental lately. On an ordinary day I am likely to be more emotional, irritable and sentimental than the average person but over the past two weeks it has cranked way up.
I had a verifiable meltdown deciding what I wanted to do for my birthday {this weekend!} because I felt an urgency to spend as much time with ALL of my precious family as possible. God bless my dad who endured it. I’m sure he is thoroughly freaked out.
One day all I wanted to do was clean out my drawers and the next day all I wanted to do was procrastinate.
I got teary leaving the Y on Tuesday thinking of how I am going to miss all those sweaty people I’m so accustomed to seeing every day but barely know by name.
My mama gave me some good advice. She told me to keep doing all the things I normally do that make me feel good {i.e. exercising, spending time with God, eating right, going to bed early} because if I don’t, the emotional weight of all the change taking place is going to seem much much heavier. I think she is right.
My sweet husband has remained his patient, steadfast self and I am so grateful. He even planned me a surprise birthday party taking place tonight, but knowing I’m not big on surprises, sent me an invitation in the mail so I could look forward to it!
Overall I feel like I am on a roller coaster ascending the first big plummet. Riveted yet apprehensive. Praise Jesus that I can take a death grip on His hand, knowing it will be the ride of a lifetime.


  1. Charlotte, I'm praying for you during this transition. I know exactly how you feel. Know tat during the ups and downs of moving away from family and friends will draw you and Andrew even closer together and grow yall in ways you didnt even realize. It has been great for us, though we miss our family and friends dearly, we wouldn't trade the past couple years!
    I'm excited to follow your journey!

    1. Gini, thank you so much. It is very encouraging to hear that! I have loved following along with yall's Mississippi journey as well! So glad we can keep in touch this way. I've been keeping your daddy and family in my prayers. Hope you have a great summer! Much love :)


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