Friday, June 29, 2012

Turtle in the Road... It's InstaFriday!

Hey Y’all! Today I am linking up with Jeannett for InstaFriday where we share tidbits from our week in pictures! I am so thankful for FRIENDS this week. I know it’s a little redundant since I wrote about friends in my last post but this is my blog and I’ll be redundant if I want.
I really think God is working it out for Andrew and I to spend quality time with all the people we love before we move to NOLA. I'm serious. It's just working out without us even trying. LOVE IT <3!

1.      Thanks to hurricane Debby, I happened upon a soft shell turtle in the middle of the street in my neighborhood. He was more than a little freaky looking. I did some in-depth Wikipedia research and found out that soft-shells are largely aquatic so this little fella was most likely lost. I had no idea who to call and I was too scared to pick him up so I left him. Hope he made it!
2.      Here’s my token food pic. There was nothing remarkable about this apple other than the fact that it was GINORMOUS. I know you can’t tell by my sub-par photography skills but trust me… I couldn’t even finish it and if there is anything I am NOT, it’s a wimpy eater.
3.4.5…  Last night was hands-down the best part of our week. We got to visit with some of our youth kiddos from Nicholson who were down in Bainbridge for a mission trip. Randi and I kept cracking up because we had to keep swatting gnats trying to take a picture. The other pic is Andrew and one of our brother-sister duos, Brooklyn and Dayton. After we took these I completely forgot to keep taking pictures because I was wrapped up talking to my sweet babies and hearing how their lives have been and I am totally OK with it! Y’all, I can’t tell you how proud I am of these kids.

Shout out to: Ronnie, Randi, Brooklyn, Dayton, Matthew, Alex, Lauren, and Paige! I love you and miss you and am proud of you! Andrew and I could not stop talking about you last night. You are all such amazing-smart-talented-wise-compassionate-strong-handsome-beautiful-funny-dedicated-loving-pleasing disciples of Jesus. It is so obvious you are making a difference and growing into people of influence! I just love you, love you, LOVE YOU!

Life is so good right now. I’m trying to savor every moment of this time. Lord knows it hasn’t always and won’t always be this good. PTL for seasons in our lives. Some of them are so so sweet!
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  1. Ew, he is a little strange looking! I thought he was an armadillo! Ha ha...


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