Friday, July 6, 2012

First Handmade Jewelry Purchase!

Hey Guys! I just purchased this necklace from my blog friend Carolyn's shop Silly Happy Sweet. Isn't is great? I can't wait to show it off once I get it. Expect a full blog report! Until then, check out her shop and while you're at it check out her blog too!
Photo by ShutterChic Photography


  1. Charlotte, I'm putting your package in the mail today. I threw in a little extra something. Feel free to keep for yourself or give away to friend or give away on your blog. Thanks for your support! I hope you like it. Praying for your move, I know how stressful and scary it all can be. :)

    1. Well that is certainly exciting! And thank you for the prayers. We are excited but the closer it gets the more stressed/anxious I get for sure.


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