Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Made a Pillow

Warning: this is not a tutorial. Please, no one learn to sew from me. 
I sewed a pillow and honestly the events leading up to the birth of this pillow were kind of magical.
To begin with, I really wanted to learn to sew and a few months ago my sweet mother-in-law gifted me her old sewing machine from when Andrew and his sisters were growing up. 
She got it serviced from head to toe so it would be in tip-top shape for me to learn. It sews beautifully (as far as I know).

Meanwhile, I really wanted new bedding for our guest bed but in the event of moving to New Orleans that went way to the bottom of the priority list.
Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to scope out the fabric scraps so that I could get one to practice sewing. I found a great scrap for $2.70. I repeat, two dollars and seventy cents.

I might not have purchased this fabric for $10 but for $2.70 I decided I liked it and it would make a great practice pillow.

The colors in the fabric really didn’t go with anything in our house.  
So the guestroom. Oh that dern guestroom.The bed had a girlie pink and green pastel quilt and big green euro pillows and I had just been over it for a while. Remember this embarassing picture?

What I really wanted was white bedding with funky colorful pillows. Akin to this...

And then BAM. It hit me. I could just turn the quilt over (backwards) so that its perfectly WHITE underside would show.

I could use my cheapo fabric that didn't go with anything else in our house to make a pillow.

And the bedding of my desires (sort of) would be mine. For $2.70.

Is this what Martha Stewart feels like?
I flipped my quilt, sewed up the pillow, and just as if my fairy godmother of craftiness had sprinkled me with pixie dust, I achieved a satisfactory look for my guest room and accomplished my first real sewing job. 

I feel so proud, the only word that keeps going through my mind is "booya."


  1. This is AWESOME, Charlotte! I want to learn to sew, too, but I've been afraid to try. Perhaps this will give me the confidence I need. "Start with a pillow, April, start with a pillow." :o)

    1. April thank you so much! You can ABSOLUTELY do it. Starting with a pillow is the easiest thing. Get some cheap fabric that you don't mind messing up and give it a whirl! Good luck!

  2. You're funny. Your pillow came out so pretty! Booya indeed!
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Carolyn! That means a lot coming from a craft goddess like yourself :)

  3. CUTE pillow (and blog!). Way to go!


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