Thursday, July 5, 2012

NOLA Update and Thankful Thursday!

Well folks the time is nearing. We are moving into our new apartment at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in exactly 23 days. It doesn’t seem real. We are slowly packing up our house even though I continue to decorate it. The way I figure, 3 weeks is long enough to enjoy what we see around us every day.
We are cramming in family and friend time left and right. We took a spontaneous trip to Auburn to see Andrew’s side for the fourth. And by spontaneous I mean we had just ordered an appetizer at Cheddar’s Tuesday night when we decided it would be fun to surprise the Donaldsons. So we got the check, ate the onion rings, got in the car and drove to Auburn with nothing more than the clothes we were wearing.
I know it sounds ridiculous but it was absolutely worth it. We won’t be able to do that in 23 days. We won’t be able to do that when we have children. Carpe Diem, right?
We are planning a yard sale for July 21st and I am 100% clueless. I have never held a yard sale nor have I been to one. I know I’m missing out but they are always so darn early in the morning. However, we have lots of nice things that we no longer need or use and we volunteered to sell lots of Scott and Sarah’s nice things that they no longer use. If you have ANY tips, links, or resources you could share about yard saling share them GENEROUSLY with me. Don’t assume I already know something. I don’t.
Speaking of Scott and Sarah… they left for NOLA on Monday!!! They are all settled in to their apartment and are adjusting to life in a new city. Please keep them in your prayers as they begin seminary life. I am really going to miss them over the next few weeks. Our friendship grew by leaps and bounds in the short time we spent together in Valdosta. Getting to know them has been one of the coolest acts of God in my life. If you don’t know why, just read this post.
I’m linking up with Ryan @The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargrave for Thankful Thursdays. All I can really say is “What am I not thankful for these days?” Things are pretty good right now. But this week in particular I’m thankful for that little spontaneity that allowed us precious time with family. I’m thankful for taking a nap with my nephew yesterday. I’m thankful for pulling over on the side of the road to watch fireworks on the drive home. And I’m thankful that my mother-in-law saves everything so this little munchkin can dress up in her mommy’s old dance costumes.

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