Thursday, May 10, 2012

We got housing!

We found out today that we got campus housing! This is a big deal for us because there was a waiting list. Apparently there have been years that some folks couldn’t get on campus and ended up shacking in the Providence House for a while which is basically a hotel. Yikes. We could have made it work but we are glad we don’t have to.
What’s more, they gave us 2 options of apartments to choose from. We went with a 2 bed 1 bath. I’m pretty pumped that we will have an extra bedroom for visitors. I was completely prepared to live in the 536 sqft. married housing but I’m thankful for a bigger place. Ironically, the 536 sqft place was the same size as our first little white house, and the apartment we will be living in is bigger than our first house. Yes, we came from humble beginnings but I guess that was God preparing us all along. Here is a pic of our apartment building from the school’s website (I added some touches to make it cooler because I think that’s what bloggers do?). I love how New Orleansey it is.
We requested to move in on August 1. I guess that is when we will be leaving but I don’t know for sure. We will be getting something in the mail soon with all the details. We still haven’t told our jobs that we are leaving and I am having anxiety over posting all about moving on the internet. Please don’t tell my boss.
By the way, Scott and Sarah found out yesterday that they got housing too, yee-ha! This is all becoming very very real.

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  1. God has His own unique way of showing us THE WAY!


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