Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why a blog?

I started a food blog about 2 years ago when I was going through a major newlywed/foodie phase in which I was highly inspired by Paula Dean. My husband and I were living in the smallest freestanding house known to man and enjoying every minute of married life out in the country of North Georgia. Everything changed quickly when I got a new job and we moved to Valdosta, a small town in South Georgia (closer to our roots and family). In time, my love of all things cream cheese succumbed to a well balanced life and I found myself with food blog and about 1000 non-food related things to blog about. Time eluded me and for a good 18 months I didn’t write a single blog entry.
In the meantime, my husband Andrew was busy pursuing a calling to ministry and in March of this year we found ourselves at a crux in our ministry journey. He had been commuting to a South Georgia extension center of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) and working full time selling HVAC units. We found out in December 2011 that the extension center would be closing in May 2012 and moving to a new location nowhere near Valdosta. We began talking about how he would get all the classes he needed between trips to the main campus (in New Orleans), online classes, and classes offered in Jacksonville, FL (2 hours away!) and we realized it really didn’t make much sense.  At that rate, it was going to take an unforeseeable amount of years, many hours in the car, and about one bazillion dollars.  
You should know that we have a lengthy, complicated history with NOBTS that I plan to detail later but let’s just say for now; even discussing the idea of moving to NO should have terrified/devastated me with fear. But praise be to God, it didn’t. And because of that, I knew He might be shining a light on a new path worth following.  
As we began pondering the idea of a totally new life on, let’s just be honest, another planet – I really started to feel the blogging urge resurface. We have a spread out web of friends and family that we want to keep updated but we also hope to connect with other seminary/ministry folks as well! I’ve wised up a bit since the last blog and will be putting no parameters on the potential content of this one (er, maybe a few necessary ones...) You might expect me to discuss seminary life, health and wellness, New Orleans culture, ministry, serving the community, dreams, products, family, travel, church, friends, and possibly the occasional recipe - everyone loves a throwback, right!?
If you have already stuck with me this far, wow, I’m grateful! Comeback for updates as Andrew and I try to follow the light unto our path or as I like to call it – live the Yellow Brick Life!

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  1. Found you via the Nester - I was reading all the comments about parsonage life. My husband was a music minister in Tennessee for nine years, five of which were lived in a parsonage and they were good for the most part. He left the ministry to return to school to work on his doctorate in piano performance at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. He finally graduates this May, so here we are, at a time in our life when most of our peers are sending their kids off to college, or enjoying their grand-kids, and we are starting over. He is applying for teaching and or music ministry jobs, so who knows? I could find myself back in a parsonage again. Love the name of your blog - could it be that you are also an Oz fan?


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